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    Great Gifts For the Kitchen Under $50!

    The Key To Great Gift Giving The great thing about life is that it is full of great occasions to bless loved ones with a beautiful and memorable gift. Birthdays, weddings, anniversary and the list goes on and on. Generally though this tends to be a painful experience for the giver of the gift. Riddled with questions like, “What do I get them?” and “How much is it going to cost?”, most procrastinate buying it. This article is a quick read about why these items are great gifts and includes pricing to make this process easier. These links are to some great handpicked gifts on amazon that are under 50$.…

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    7 Tips to Simplify Home Cooking

    We all have a million plates in the air and we strive really hard to keep them revolving at the same time. Realistically, something will drop and a lot of the time it is what we eat and how we eat. Majority of us are busy parents who are struggling to find time to cook and end up eating out, spending money we don’t want to spend. Something’s gotta give! So, I am going to share with you 7 tips to simplify home cooking. These are what I have found works for me and most of the my friends who are looking to streamline their time in the kitchen. What’s…