Hi everyone, first of all, thank you for checking my page out and welcome! My name is Anne and I am the author of this blog. This blog exists because I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. Currently a 35 year old and living in Ontario, Canada but my journey begins in India. I was born in Kerala, India and moved with my family to Bahrain. In 2001 I moved to Chicago, USA for college where I met the love of my life, Joe. He is originally from Kenya so I am an honorary Kenyan too! 😉 We got married and started our family in Canada. We just welcomed our new baby girl, Arianna, in April and have fallen madly in love with her. I hope this little snapshot into my life will help you understand how I cook.

My Inspiration

You will notice that I do not stick to cooking one cuisine. Partially, it is because of my exposure to different cultures but mostly it is because I am curious. As a child, I loved shawarmas, hummus and baklava, all delectable treats that I enjoyed once in awhile. I remember discovering the lovely creamy stringiness of cheese and the buttery texture of an avocado when I moved to the US.

The majority of my love for cooking came from learning Indian cooking with my mom. Initially, I loathed it when she would ask me to peel and chop onions. Ha ha! Eventually I graduated to more complicated dishes (Yay!). Then I took a class in highschool that taught me how to bake, which I enjoyed a lot. My mom gave me the freedom to experiment in the kitchen and that led to many hours of cooking, frying and baking (Thank you Mom!).

For a while I did not enjoy cooking because it became a chore at the end of a tiring and stressful work day. Now that I am home for maternity leave, I feel that desire to cook coming back. After I put my baby girl to sleep I am filled with ideas on different recipes I want to share. Hopefully these will inspire you to go to your kitchen and put a bit of soul into your cooking too.

Anne 🙂