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The Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by Cooking with Kids for this award, thank you so much for the recognition! She encouraged me to take time and do this so my readers know a bit more about me. I am always posting recipes and rarely write much about myself.  So as I sip a cup of tea and stuff my face with some white chocolate macadamia cookies, here are 7 facts about me, in no particular order.

I cannot do one thing at a time.

I am not sure when this behaviour started but I have to be doing two things at the same time to be able to concentrate. Otherwise, I get distracted. Lol! Doesn’t make sense, right? For example, right now I am making some berry syrup for waffles and writing this.  If you tell me to concentrate at one thing, I just squint my eyes like I am concentrating but really I am hoping you go away. He He!

I have lived in four countries and married someone who is not from any of these countries.

I was born in India, grew up in Bahrain, attended college in America and I am now a Canadian. Every few years I have an urge to uproot myself and go somewhere else. It is strange to imagine living in only one country for a long time.  I met my Kenyan husband in College and got married nine years ago. We have a baby girl whom we love so much. She was asleep for the night but I hear her crying by the way, BRB.

I am an introvert.

I enjoy people in small doses and I can barely handle groups for long. I love just being home and doing my own thing. My friends don’t like this about me and wish I was more sociable. I used to try to be like them but I have realized I just am who I am, and that’s ok. My real friends get me enough to let me be. Lol.

I am a Christian.

My faith is very important to me and it defines a lot of what I do. I was in the deepest of struggles when I found Jesus and about learned who He really is. Without Him, I am empty and when I forget about Him, I feel lost even though I am not.

I love the concept of growing my own food.

I was watching a Youtuber the other day and she wanted to make a lime based drink and she goes to her backyard and picks a lime. I loved that!! I was in awe whenever I saw fruit hanging from trees in any of the places I visited. I am not sure if it is because I grew up in a dessert and fruit was rarely seen on trees, unless dates. But in the summers, I grow some vegetables in my little backyard. I wish I could grow them year round but our winters wouldn’t allow for that. I have attempted grapes, strawberries, zucchini, tomatoes, green peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers and some herbs.

I am a huge night owl.

Case in point, it is 3:30 AM. I have always been this way. Even as a kid before we had smartphones I spend my time reading novels for hours. I went to school as a zombie. I learned how to sleep standing up so I could make tea with my eyes closed. I just was so used to being tired and functioning this way. Now having a baby means disrupted sleep and then blogging also means I stay up while baby sleeps to get things done.

I went to school to learn to be a writer.

My dream career was to be a writer/journalist. Along the way I lost confidence and my creativity took a nosedive. In retrospect, now I am writing maybe not to the calibre of an author but at least I am attempting it. For years people have been asking me to write and I refused because everything I wrote sounded so dark. I needed something to focus on and cooking became an outlet.

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As a nominee you can keep the Versatile Blogger Award going by writing a post thanking the person who nominated you, linking their blog and copying the award to display on the your blog. Give seven facts about yourself to help readers get to know you a bit better, and finally nominate 15 bloggers whose blogs you enjoy.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

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